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Corrective Jaw Surgery in Colorado Springs, CO

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Do you need orthognathic surgery, which is corrective jaw surgery for jaw misalignment? Many of our patients at Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery South need orthognathic (jaw) surgery after orthodontic treatment. We also see patients that have had traumatic injuries to their jaw that only surgery can amend. Our board-certified and board-eligible oral and maxillofacial surgeons can surgically realign the top and bottom jaws to address jaw misalignment, skeletal or dental abnormalities, traumatic injuries, and more. This way, our patients can live a better life with fewer complications (like chronic pain, difficulty eating, and unobstructed breathing). We would like to meet you or your teen in the event that jaw surgery is needed. Please contact our Colorado Springs, CO South office for more details and an appointment time.

Best Candidates

Your candidacy for corrective jaw surgery will be decided by one of our oral surgeons. You may have been asked to reach out to us at Colorado Springs, CO by your orthodontist and general dentist since surgery is the next best step. We usually see females at around the ages of 14 – 16 and males between the ages of 17 – 21 after jaw development has ceased. We see patients for a broad number of issues that involve the jaw, such as:

  • Having a congenital birth defect and/or dentofacial abnormalities
  • Having an injury to the face and/or jaw
  • Having cancer or an oral pathology near or around the jaw
  • Having a significantly abnormal projection in your jaw (too far out or too far in)
  • Having a malocclusion (like an openbite)
  • Having obstructive sleep apnea
  • Having problematic biting, chewing, swallowing, and/or breathing
  • Having TMD or TMJ
  • Not being able to physically close your lips together
  • Not being able to open your mouth wide or hold it open for long periods of time

The first step in your candidacy is to go through our comprehensive consultation process to determine what needs to be corrected at this time.

What to Expect

After evaluating the digital x-rays, i-CAT™ 3D cone beam scans, and panoramic images of your jaw, we will design a surgical plan in your best interest. We may also request dental records from your primary dentist and orthodontist for more information and a historical perspective on the development of your jaw.

We usually have corrective jaw surgeries in a hospital setting where our oral surgeons have medical privileges. You will likely be under a general anesthetic for 2 – 4 hours while the surgery takes place. Your experienced oral surgeon will talk with you at length about the techniques used and answer your questions about what will happen. Once the procedure wraps up, we will immediately take you to the recovery room to be monitored while you wake from the anesthesia.


After corrective jaw surgery, your recovery should go smoothly if you follow all of your surgeon's directive for post-op care. We will make recommendations on what kind of food to eat, how to clean your teeth and mouth, and how to care for your surgical sites. Some of our patients are also asked to wear an oral appliance splinted to the jaw that is made of acrylic. Rubber bands will be attached to the top and bottom of the oral appliance to assist you with the movement of opening and closing your mouth. Feeling some discomfort, swelling, and tenderness to the area is normal after this surgery. We may prescribe you a pain reliever and/or antibiotics to keep you feeling well and comfortable in the day after surgery.

If you start to have signs of infection, a fever, or any unmanageable pain once you are at home recovering, please call us as soon as possible for assistance. We like to see our surgery patients for a follow-up a week later for a progress update and to monitor your healing. If you are taking time out of school or work to have corrective jaw surgery, your oral surgeon may release you to do so in 1 – 3 weeks post-op. Keep in mind that it may take 9 – 12 months for a full recovery.

Insurance Coverage

Financing options are available should you need them to cover the balance on your fees for appointments and surgical fees for your treatment. While we do take credit cards for payments, you can also apply for CareCredit® for a lower-interest loan. Our billing department will do their best to get the maximum allowance for your surgery from your insurance plan by submitting a claim on your behalf as a medical necessity.

We have the right techniques

As oral surgery is our specialty, our corrective jaw surgery at Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery South will provide you with outstanding outcomes with just the right techniques. Once you recover from your jaw surgery, our dedicated oral surgeons all believe that you will have less pain and issues with jaw movement. Let's find out how our team can assist you. Call our Colorado Springs, CO South office to learn more.

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