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Sedation Dentistry in Colorado Springs, CO

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With a patient-first philosophy to care, Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery South offers men, women, and children of all ages sedation techniques during their procedures. Our team of board-certified or board-eligible oral surgeons understands how having surgery at any time can bring about anxiety and fear for the patient receiving the treatment. When the answer to your health concern can no longer be treated with less invasive means, our oral surgeons will put together a treatment plan that includes numbing shots of local anesthesia, intravenous (IV) sedation, and general anesthesia through an IV or inhalation mask.

If you have questions or concerns about our sedation and pain management approaches during oral or facial surgery, we invite you to have a consultation with one of our esteemed oral surgeons in our Colorado Springs, CO office. Depending on the treatment tasks at hand, we will make sure that you or your child will be cared for the entire time.

Sedation Options

We will offer local anesthetic numbing shots in addition to specific sedation you select with your oral surgeon. Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery South provides these sedation options:

Intravenous Sedation
By slowly dripping sedation into your bloodstream with IV sedation, you will still be conscious enough to answer our questions or respond to our requests while you feel like you are asleep. Dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, and more are the types of procedures we offer IV sedation. Again, you will also be numbed locally with injections of an anesthetic.

General Anesthesia
If you are having complex or lengthy reconstructive surgery or a series of multiple surgeries together, you may require general anesthesia. Sometimes our general anesthesia patients have their surgeries at a hospital where their oral surgeon has medical privileges. We can give you general anesthesia intravenously or through an inhalation mask to cause you to sleep the entire time.

Best Candidates

Candidates for our sedation techniques will be in the process of arranging a surgery or treatment with one of our skilled oral surgeons at Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery South. Since our practice does not offer services that do not require anesthesia, we have a consultation with each patient about his or her options. We offer our sedation services to children and adults during their oral or maxillofacial surgery.

The type of sedation selected may be dependent on the complexity of the procedures, the length of time needed, your current health, your medical history, your medications, allergies, or a past reaction to a specific type of anesthesia or sedative.

What to Expect

On the day of your surgery, please do not eat or drink about eight hours beforehand for IV sedation. You can expect your oral surgeon to provide you with sedation and anesthesia techniques you approved during your planning session.

IV Sedation
If you are having the type of sedation that is administered intravenously, then we will put the IV in your arm safely and comfortably. The medication will probably make you sleep, but you will still be able to respond to our directives.

General Anesthesia
You may also have general anesthesia through an IV or inhalation mask. Some of our more complex surgeries may require deeper sedation than others, which is why we offer general anesthesia to make you sleep throughout the surgery. You will spend some time in recovery after the surgery to wake up when the anesthesia wears off.


You will not need a follow-up appointment for the anesthesia or sedation techniques performed during your surgery. However, you will have a follow-up for your procedures. Keep in mind that you will need transportation home. You may also want to have a trusted adult with you in the hours after your surgery to make sure you are adjusting well and stable once all of the anesthesia has worn off.

Insurance Coverage

If you are unsure if anesthesia or sedation is included in your insurance plan, your billing coordinator can reach out to your provider to see what is allowable. If you do not have insurance or your insurance denies the claim for coverage, Colorado Springs Oral and Facial Surgery South accepts many options for payment, which includes most major credit cards or CareCredit® financing.

Your Comfort Is Key

The thought of having oral surgery or facial reconstruction may bring about some feelings of anxiety. This is why we offer several sedation and anesthesia options for our patients during their respective surgeries. Have a consultation for your procedure, but make sure to ask your oral surgeon about the sedation techniques available. How you experience your surgery is important to our Colorado Springs, CO oral and maxillofacial surgical team.

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